My New Favorite Base Card

Now, I know it’s just a base card, but this card is gorgeous to me! Doesn’t hurt that it’s my favorite baseball player, either.

My new number Juan base card!

The card just looks elegant. The holofoil border really pops against the darker background. Soto is well-framed in the layout of the card. I like that his hands and the top of his helmet extend out over the border, giving a sense of depth to the picture. Also, that is my personal favorite Nationals uniform variation – the blue jersey with the Stars and Stripes “W.” Like I said, Soto is my favorite baseball player, too, and this image really captures the excitement (and a little goofiness) that he brings to the game. It may just be a base card, but this one is going on display!

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Nats Win!!!

This is super late, but…

The Washington Nationals won the World Series!!!

That’s it, that’s the blog post.

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Plain… Blue Envelope?

Shipping cards is one of the most contentious hobby-related issues I have seen on social media. PWE, bubble mailer, pony express, armored car with heavily armed guard… everybody has a different opinion of how it should be done. I’ve had a few cards that have been damaged despite great packaging, and some that miraculously arrived in perfect shape in the flimsiest packaging I could imagine. Recently, though, I had a shipping experience that was just plain funny to me. To take a little suspense out of the story, the card was fine.

So I bought an Aaron Rodgers rookie card on eBay. Not super high-end, but I spent enough on it to pay for a moderate steak dinner for two. As such, I was pretty interested in getting it here safely. It took a few days to ship, and the seller never put up a tracking number. That happens, but it makes me nervous. When it hadn’t arrived a week after shipping, I started to contemplate the dreaded ordeal of opening a case against the guy on eBay. Ugh. I decided to give it one more day, and sure enough, I had a package pick up slip in my mail the next afternoon. Joy!

I still had to go to the post office and sign for it, which was really not necessary for this card. When I showed the postal worker my mailing slip, they went to the back for about ten minutes. After giving me a great chance to look at all the different stamps on posters around the room, they came back with this:

Neatly addressed, shipped certified mail, a plain blue greeting card envelope. That’s an expensive way to ship PWE (or PBE, as it were). Still, seemed in good shape, so I smiled it off and was thankful it arrived safely. My smile turned into a chuckle as I opened the envelope.

What in the world?

A trusty canine courier to get my card to me. In a top hat, because why not? L.O.L. Sure enough, stuck to the inside with double sided tape, was good old A-A-Ron himself. GO PACK GO!

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Not One, Not Two, Not Three…

Score Football is one of my favorite brands. It has a huge, inclusive base set that I enjoy putting together every year. It has featured just about all of the notable rookies each year since its inception in 1989. You can find autographs and low-numbered parallels, but they aren’t really the point of the brand. I would happily still buy it without the hits.

In as much as hits aren’t the typical selling point, I did find one recently I could not pass up. My favorite card brand, my favorite team, a multi-patch card? Yes, please! Now this is not just a dual patch, or a triple, or even a quad. This card has (Lebron, help me out here) not one, not two, not three… ok, that’s enough. This is a double-sided, EIGHT-patch, one-of-one little piece of cardboard glory! Behold!

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My New Hobby

I’d like to introduce you all to my new hobby: buying cards. That’s what we all do, right? The whole point of this blog? Collecting cards? The thing is, if you read that first sentence carefully it doesn’t say “collecting”, but rather “buying.”

I’ve found that at some point in the last year my collecting hobby has grotesquely morphed into just buying cards. I have constantly browsed eBay, Twitter and all the usual haunts for cards or break spots to buy. I get excited about a good pull in a break or getting a deal on a card I want. Then the cards show up in my mailbox, I look at them for a few fleeting seconds, and they go in a box. These boxes fill and form stacks. These stacks are now one of the more notable features of a small room in my house. Stacks of the conquests of my buying hobby. Stacks of anonymous cardboard treasures, many of which I barely remember that I have.

Now, please don’t take this as a brag of how much I buy or of how many cards I have. Far from it, I’m envisioning myself sitting in a circle of people in folding chairs and sheepishly saying “Hi, I’m Bryan, and I have bought too many cards and not really appreciated that I have them.”

I have all sorts of grand plans to sort them, organize a few sets, display my favorite cards and maybe let go of some cards somebody else would like more than I do. Those plans may as well be in stacks of boxes collecting dust, too.

The length of time since I last posted to this blog is a great indication of all of this. I started blogging to share things I find fun and interesting in collecting (and to show off all my flippin’ awesome football cards, of course!). In the last year, I’ve picked up all kinds of cool cards, opened some fun boxes, and even dabbled in collecting baseball (Go Nats!) in addition to my die-hard football collection. Those would all be great things to blog about, if I could just close the eBay app long enough to type up a post. (The new iPhone update with screen time tracking has really hammered that point home, too!)

I don’t have a big finish, grande finale, or even a corny joke to end this post with. (Although I did end that last sentence with a preposition. Shame!) I really just wanted to throw this stream of consciousness out into the ether to get it off my chest. Thanks, and rest assured there will be new and far more lighthearted blog posts here in the future!

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Chapter 8: The Blog Awakens

Blogging has been slow for me lately, but everything else has been moving at warp speed!  I won’t say I’ve boldly gone where no man has gone before, I’ve just been neglecting my entries in the Captain’s log.  Having found a few moments to meditate on the Force, however, Obi-Wan implored me to go to the WordPress app and continue my blogging.  Realizing the mixed references have probably inspired the First Order to ally with the Klingons by now, I will turn to Capt. James T. Kirk (Cousins) to bail me out with this crisp, gorgeous autograph!  These cards look amazing with so much open space for the signature.  This is one of the only autograph sets I’ve seen that truly focuses on, you know, the autograph, and the results are… out of this world.

Live long and prosper! 


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New PC Players for 2017!!!

One of my main PC themes is players from Virginia Tech, and I’m thrilled that there are four 2017 rookies who already have cards! GO HOKIES! Here are two I have in-hand so far:

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