Ah, yes, football cards in the ’90’s

First off, a little about me.  I’ve been an avid football fan since before I can remember.  I was raised to watch football as much as humanly possible.  I started collecting football cards in the mid-90’s with my first box of cards – the glorious, bright yellow, 1990 Pro Set Series II box (more on that in another post).  After that, I collected any kind of football cards I could get my hands on, especially cards of my beloved Packers and Virginia Tech Hokies.  (Antonio Freeman was one of my favorites, naturally!)

Sadly, as life progressed, I drifted away from the hobby.  After going through college, getting a job and starting a family, I came back around to football card collecting about three years ago.  The hobby that I found was a whole new world compared to what I had known as a kid.  Guaranteed hits, game-used jerseys, autographs in every box, and a serial number on every card that mattered!  In as much as I’ve come to embrace these things, there’s still a little part of me that enjoys surfing eBay late at night for great deals on cheap boxes from the original heyday of my collection, the 1990’s.  While I’m told that everything from that era was cheap, overproduced, and basically holds no value now, that makes it all the more fun for me to go back and cherry-pick some of what I considered to be “the good stuff.”

I intend for this blog to consist primarily of my reviews of the fruits of my late-night eBay window shopping and impulse buying.  Going back and looking at what I really enjoyed about some of those products, what still makes them great in my eyes, and what is just laughable now.  I hope that any fellow collectors of similar vintage to myself will find this amusing and entertaining!  Thank you, and enjoy!


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