1990 Pro Set Series II – My First Box of Cards


My first experience with football cards was the Christmas (1994, I believe) that a relative I can’t remember gave me a big, yellow box of 1990 Pro Set Series II.  What I do remember is the Emmitt Smith RC card from that box that I traded away to one of my elementary school buddies for a long forgotten card that I’m sure I thought was awesome at the time. The card books for all of $5 now, but I have often regretted that trade just because that was the first really cool rookie card I ever pulled.



One of the coolest things for me about this box was the Super Bowl MVP set. This was the first time that I, as a young Green Bay fan, heard the name Bart Starr. Finding out that my beloved Packers had won not just the first, but the first two Super Bowls was a huge thrill for me! I read every detail on the back of each of the MVP cards and learned about all the big names and big games that are a part of NFL lore.


Other than Emmitt and the Super Bowl MVP’s, there was nothing really flashy about this set. The base cards are about as basic as you get. Pretty good action shot on the front, player close-up on the back with a bio and statistics. No foil, no “hits”, no parallels, but this was a great set for a brand-new collector. It was also the perfect beginning to what would become an extensive football card collection!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to enjoy my memories of my first collecting experience. Leave a comment below about how you first started collecting or what your first card/box/set was!



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5 responses to “1990 Pro Set Series II – My First Box of Cards

  1. Jon Lavezza

    I was with my mother who was in dire need of a new vehicle , so we were at a new car dealership. I was being a 5 year old and was being impatient , so a dealer asks me if I like football. Of course I replied so out came a stack of 1991 Upper Deck football including what I found out later was a 25 cent Haywood Jefferies card which automatically became my favorite card.

  2. I feel like people love the Pro Set cards for autographs. I see them frequently.

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  4. tom halford

    they had a contest that you could get a Superbowl 23 football signed by Jerry Rice … does anyone remember this ? Well my dad won one and now i have it but I am trying to verify the ball and signature but cant find any info so far on the internet …..halfordbyname@gmail.com if anyone has any help

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