Singles Snapshot: 1997 Scoreboard Brett Favre Packers TD Record Jumbo

There’s a really cool story behind how I came to own this card. The company I work for has a weekly poll/question section on our intranet home page. Different question each week, and we get to post an answer for the whole company to see. This was the question about two months ago: “Calling all collectors… what do you collect, and why?” Naturally, my answer could only be:

I collect football trading cards. It was a hobby I had as a kid and something I’ve found I still enjoy now. I focus mostly on the Green Bay Packers and any NFL player who went to Virginia Tech!

The next week, a bubble mailer shows up in my box in the mail room. All I know is that it came from the 9th floor of our main corporate office downtown. I have no idea who sent it, but this card was inside, with a screenshot printout of my comment. It was a completely anonymous pay-it-forward that made my day!

The card is awesome, too! Serial numbered to 4,444, it commemorates Favre breaking the Green Bay Packers career touchdown pass record in 1997. Die-cut, gold foil Packers logo, gold foil faux autograph and it’s a card of my favorite Packers player from that era! As an added bonus, the box score on the back shows the record was broken against the Vikings and the receiver was Virginia Tech alum Antonio Freeman.




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2 responses to “Singles Snapshot: 1997 Scoreboard Brett Favre Packers TD Record Jumbo

  1. Sport Card Collectors

    Wow thats cool card and story!

  2. Love that card. I collect only Brett Favre cards.

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