Singles Snapshot: 1994 Action Packed #22 Emmitt Smith

Action Packed, true to its name, was always packed with action. The sweet action shot on this card is a prime example, especially with the way the embossing really emphasizes the photo. Even the write-up on the back is an “Action Note.” The only down side to this card is that Smith is running all over my Packers. I’m pretty #64 (DT John Jurkovic) didn’t get there to make the tackle on this play. I give this one bonus points, though, for the card number (22) also being Emmitt’s jersey number!
To really get a good appreciation for the embossing on the card, you have to look at it from an angle:
An even shallower angle makes it look like Emmitt is about to run right off the card!



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3 responses to “Singles Snapshot: 1994 Action Packed #22 Emmitt Smith

  1. Sport Card Collectors

    Wished they would bring back more embossing to cards

  2. Your site has now been added to the Sports Card Blogroll.


    JayBee Anama

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