1990 Score – The QB’s

As promised in my 1990 Score post, here are the first of my favorite action shots from this set. I’ll start with the QB’s.

Flipping through some modern football sets might lead you to believe that all an NFL quarterback does is stand stoically in the pocket with the ball in his hands and a concerned look on his face. The 1990 Score set gives us a little more insight on what it’s like to be a QB.

2015/01/img_9442.jpgDrop backs, hand offs, and pitches are a pretty standard part of the job description.

2015/01/img_9441.jpgCapably throwing the football is the thing for which these guys get paid the big bucks, though. You have to get your whole body into it to really rocket one down the field!

2015/01/img_9444.jpgIn the pocket, however, time to throw can be a rare and fleeting luxury. If you can’t get rid of the ball, you’ll probably want to tuck it and run! (Don’t forget the importance of ball security, either. Looking at you, Elway!)

2015/01/img_9443.jpgLastly, remember that the way you survey the field is important. What’s behind the facemask helps portray a command of the game and strike fear into your foes. There’s also the “I hope this works!” face. Then there’s what we’ll call, well, “Harbaugh face.”


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  1. Sport Card Collectors

    Great ones here…PHIL!

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