1996 Topps Laser

This product features the most intricate, delicate “die-cut” cards you’ll ever see. I put “die-cut” in quotes because the designs on these cards were actually laser cut, hence the name of the product. (Cards made with frickin’ lasers!) Either way, it’s a terrible shame this product was one-and-done, because these cards are amazing!

The base cards feature a finely detailed, laser cut foil section along one side with the product name, the team name, and the player name, as well as a saw tooth pattern on the edge. NFC cards have gold foil, while AFC players have silver foil on their cards.

My favorite base cards from the five packs I opened are the two Green Bay players and two HOF’ers shown below.

I also pulled a Draft Picks insert card, which has its own remarkable laser cut pattern. I was almost afraid to handle this card for fear of bending one of the minutely sculpted pieces!

Here, because I am so in awe of it, are two more views of this card showing off the holofoil and a silhouette view. Enjoy!


Thanks to @JamminJDCards for hooking me up with a great deal on these packs!



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2 responses to “1996 Topps Laser

  1. Sport Card Collectors

    I was a huge fan of this product as well. Sweet stuff!

  2. jamminjdcards

    This is a beautiful product. I am still shocked to this day that they didn’t make more of this. I can only assume that the cost to produce was too high.

    Thank you for the shout out and really glad you enjoyed the packs.


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