1995 Fleer Metal

The mid-1990’s spawned a number of groundbreaking advances in football cards, and 1995 Fleer Metal represents one of my favorites – foil etched cards! Every card in this set features an etched foil background on the front behind the player photo. The patterns and textures created by this technique give a striking sense of depth to these flat pieces of cardboard. As you can see from the pictures below, the designers really had a field day with all the different foil designs in the base set, too. (My scanner didn’t pick up the designs very well, so I had to go back to using the trusty iPhone camera.)
Several of the cards are even split between two different foil designs.IMG_9664
The radial patterns centered around the football are my favorites.IMG_9670IMG_9669
Heck, even the checklist card I pulled is pretty cool! (The scanner and iPhone had to tag team this one to really get the full effect.)IMG_9672
While the base set is striking in and of itself, there are a couple of inserts to compliment it. What would a “metal” themed set be, after all, without a little silver and gold? It also doesn’t hurt that I got a couple of Hall of Famers, including long-time snub Tim Brown, who will finally be inducted this year. IMG_9676IMG_9585



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2 responses to “1995 Fleer Metal

  1. jamminjdcards

    Wow, 5 gold is awesome!

  2. Sport Card Collectors

    Let’s try this again!

    Always been a big Metal fan. Still want a PMG from the originals.

    Love that Hampton. I am hoping to bring that home!

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