Singles Snapshot: 1991 Pro Set #126 Bill Belichick

Before he was elected Supreme Chancellor and ultimately revealed to be the sinister, hooded Lord of the Sith…

Bill Belichick appeared on this 1991 Pro Set rookie card. There’s no hood on that Browns Starter jacket (a 90’s throwback in and of itself!), and it has two unaltered, full-length sleeves!

All nerdy, anti-Patriots jokes aside, this card is a classic to me. The simple design of the front is paired with an immensely informative bio on the back. (Before they had Wikipedia pages, all you needed to know about a guy could be found on the back of his early Pro Set cards!)

With his prized pupil, Darth Brady, he would go on to drive Obi-Wan Kurtwarner into hiding in Arizona and establish a reign of terror throughout the Galactic Football League… *theme music*


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