Singles Snapshot: 1991 Pro Set World League #31 Jason Garrett

In today’s installment of “Before They Were Stars (or Evil Sith Lords),” we have this guy: IMG_9811
IMG_9813Could he be the villain in Episode VII? Will Tony Romo finally bring balance to the Force? Who is the mysterious Storm Trooper in the trailer who awakens to find he’s been traded to Arizona?

BONUS: Post your Twitter handle and the name of your favorite NFL team in the comments to win this card and a ten-card lot of your team! (Need at least ten entries before I’ll do the giveaway!)



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12 responses to “Singles Snapshot: 1991 Pro Set World League #31 Jason Garrett

  1. Mick

    @Ozsportsfan1 and the Baltimore Ravens

  2. Nate Baustad

    Nice find!


    MN Vikings

  3. I love the World League cards
    Oakland Raiders

  4. @badbrad1987 VIKINGS!!!! thanks for doing this

  5. Alec Petrelak

    APetrelak. Lions. Neat premise. Never a bad time for Star Wars references

  6. I think I got that card in a Fairfield re-pack last week.
    @DavidAmos11 team Raiders

  7. Jon B

    Detroit Lions

  8. Sport Card Collectors

    Fun! NY Giants, one of Garretts former teams

  9. Agreed that it’s never a bad time for a Star Wars reference 🙂

  10. Greg Riemersma

    @riemersma_63 Seahawks!

  11. Greg R, you are the winner! Sorry for the long delay in doing the drawing, but thanks to all who entered!

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