Singles Snapshot: 1992 Pro Set #649 Joe Montana

You have to dig pretty deep into the 90’s to find this card, but it’s a gem!  One of the best to ever play the game, striking the iconic quarterback pose on the front.  


The back features an almost comically concise summary of one of the most decorated careers in league history.  (“Meh, you know, pretty much the greatest QB ever.“)  I’m a big fan of the background on the back, too.  Notice the old-school logos of teams like the Falcons, Broncos, Buccaneers, and even the Oilers!  The last thing that really struck me was the card number, 649.  Why is that notable?  How many sets these days feature well north of 600 cards?!  Now that’s a challenge for any set collector!



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One response to “Singles Snapshot: 1992 Pro Set #649 Joe Montana

  1. Hope

    I have this card in mint condition. I will sell it to you.

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