Mail Day: More Bryan Still Cards!

I realized as I was opening this package that I have made an egregious oversight on my blog. I’ve never done a mail day post!  This is as good a mail day as any to start with, too – some great cards to add to my Bryan Still master set.

  First off, three new rookies (including a refractor!) and a “pseudo-rookie” insert from the next year.  It may not be an actual rookie, but it’s a gorgeous card!

  Some great base cards, and a Gold Medallion parallel.

  1999 Pacific Omega base and a Premiere Date parallel numbered out of 60.

  Getting into the real fancy stuff, here, with 1997 Ultra base, Gold Medallion, and Platinum Medallion.  I never realized the parallels had a different photo on the front.  Cool!

   Lastly, I picked up two numbered parallels from 1999 Score.  The first is an Anniversary Showcase out of 1989 (for the first year of Score football).  The second card is the real gem of this whole lot, though – an Anniversary Artist Proof numbered 9/10!  This is one of a couple low-numbered parallels that are going to make my first master set a real challenge!


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  1. Sport Card Collectors

    Great pickups! I hope you do more of these mail day segments.

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