Singles Snapshot: 1995 Action Packed MNF Reverse Angle Brett Favre

It’s been a looooooong while since my last post.  Funny thing about grown up life is how much there is to devour every waking second of your time – work, kids, laundry, drooling over Episode VII trailers… and then you realize it’s been three months since you’ve shown off an awesome 90’s football card!  That’s a great thing about this hobby, though.  Three months away from it and all my cards are still right where I left them. They don’t need a tune-up and I’m not rusty at flipping through a stack of cards.  In fact, I picked up my go-to treasure trove of Brett Favre gems and had a hard time grabbing just one to post.  (I could probably run 90’s Niche for quite a while on posts exclusively about Favre cards!)  Here’s the one I settled on for now:

  Action Packed.  Insert card.  Favre.  Shiny foil.  Embossing.  Glorious!

  The write-up on the back really rounds out the card for me, because it’s such a great example of how much fun it was to watch this guy play football.  The throwback uniform is a nice touch, too!


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