Singles Snapshot: 1998 Playoff Absolute Warren Sapp

Another wonderful 90’s innovation is front and center in this card: see-through acetate windows.  (Well, it’s front and back and left of center, but you get it.)  Warren Sapp graces the window of this card, maximizing his visual presence with a particularly voluminous hair style. (LOL!)  The first thing I always did with these cards was hold them up to a light and think “Sweet, I can see through it!”  In as much as they looked cool, I did find it hard to flip through a stack.  Corners of other cards would always get snagged on the die cut edges around the acetate. The back describes perfectly why I used to dread the week my Packers played Tampa Bay.  They always seemed to harass Favre into a mediocre-at-best performance, even if the after the whistle back and forth between Favre and Sapp was hilarious.  Funny, though, the thing I remember about Sapp’s three-sack divisional game is that the Packers won 21-7 on their way to a second straight Super Bowl.  Go Pack Go!!!

(PS – Strongly resisted the urge to make any “fro” puns in this post.  Wasn’t like I FROze up, just worried it might be a FRO-away joke. ;-D)



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2 responses to “Singles Snapshot: 1998 Playoff Absolute Warren Sapp

  1. Awesome Card, I loved these.

  2. Sport Card Collectors

    These were my favorite in the 90’s. I have a few left

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