COMC Mailday – Part 1

I haven’t done many “Mailday” posts on this blog, but they seem to be popular on other sports card blogs.  Besides, there are a few 90’s cards in the Check Out My Cards (COMC) shipment I’m showing off, so here we go!

  I’ve got a few different eras of Tech football represented here, and you can see there’s a 90’s card right there in the middle.  I was really stoked to find out Panini had put Kam Chancellor in their first college Prizm set, too!  Nice to see cards of him NOT in a Seahawks uniform.  Go Hokies!

 Speaking of Hokies, here are a couple of rainbow sets of two more former Tech players.  Lee Suggs (bottom set) was a great college back, and showed a lot of promise for a few years in Cleveland.  Vince Fuller (top) was the first of FOUR brothers to play at Tech and then go on to the NFL.  The other three are Corey Fuller (WR, Lions), Kyle Fuller (CB, Bears), and Kendall Fuller (CB, likely 1st rounder this year).

  Troy Daniels is a three point ace from my alma mater, VCU.  Go Rams!  (They don’t have a football team, and I consider Virginia Tech football to have been my first “wuv, twue wuv”, hence the split allegiance.  I get asked about it… A LOT!)

 Getting back to my favorite college football team and my hometown, here’s an auto of #RVA product Victor “Macho” Harris.  Not just any auto, though – not only is it on-card (the only way to go), but it also has that little serial number in the middle on the left.  That’s right, it’s a one-of-one, and it’s all mine!  Go Hokies!



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4 responses to “COMC Mailday – Part 1

  1. Awesome mail day! Your collection is very unique.

  2. Sport Card Collectors

    Cool stuff!

  3. Sick card , guy is a beast up in the CFL right now

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