How to Properly Autograph a Football Card

There are some truly awful “autographs” out there.  Rushed initials, single letters, indecipherable scribbles… these are the bane of the modern auto collector.  Here’s a prime example (on a sticker no less!):Mr. Maddy, I’m sorry – your autograph SUCKS.  (Nothing personal, loved your career at Tech.  Also, don’t squash me like a bug. Please.)  That said, a real autograph should look at least a little more like this:This is truly a Hall of Fame worthy autograph.  This man has some pride in his name.  (Being the league’s all-time career sack leader, he certainly should!)  Full name, mostly distinguishable letters and a distinctive look that clearly defines whose name this is.  I also like how his number is tacked on for good measure.  That is how you properly autograph a football card!  (Note that the autograph is inscribed directly on the surface of the card!)





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4 responses to “How to Properly Autograph a Football Card

  1. Love that big, flowing signature from Smith. It’s a shame more players don’t take more pride in their penmanship.

  2. It feels like the guys that are going to be super stars already have a decent signature when they come into the league. Love that Bruce Smith.

  3. Amen! Can’t stand all these guys that only put one or two letters or loops. C’mon guys, you went to college….

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