Not One, Not Two, Not Three…

Score Football is one of my favorite brands. It has a huge, inclusive base set that I enjoy putting together every year. It has featured just about all of the notable rookies each year since its inception in 1989. You can find autographs and low-numbered parallels, but they aren’t really the point of the brand. I would happily still buy it without the hits.

In as much as hits aren’t the typical selling point, I did find one recently I could not pass up. My favorite card brand, my favorite team, a multi-patch card? Yes, please! Now this is not just a dual patch, or a triple, or even a quad. This card has (Lebron, help me out here) not one, not two, not three… ok, that’s enough. This is a double-sided, EIGHT-patch, one-of-one little piece of cardboard glory! Behold!


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One response to “Not One, Not Two, Not Three…

  1. This is a wickedly amazing hit Bryan!!!! The dual quad relic front & back … 1 of 1! Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!
    -Marlin (aka: SpartyHawk Cache)

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