Plain… Blue Envelope?

Shipping cards is one of the most contentious hobby-related issues I have seen on social media. PWE, bubble mailer, pony express, armored car with heavily armed guard… everybody has a different opinion of how it should be done. I’ve had a few cards that have been damaged despite great packaging, and some that miraculously arrived in perfect shape in the flimsiest packaging I could imagine. Recently, though, I had a shipping experience that was just plain funny to me. To take a little suspense out of the story, the card was fine.

So I bought an Aaron Rodgers rookie card on eBay. Not super high-end, but I spent enough on it to pay for a moderate steak dinner for two. As such, I was pretty interested in getting it here safely. It took a few days to ship, and the seller never put up a tracking number. That happens, but it makes me nervous. When it hadn’t arrived a week after shipping, I started to contemplate the dreaded ordeal of opening a case against the guy on eBay. Ugh. I decided to give it one more day, and sure enough, I had a package pick up slip in my mail the next afternoon. Joy!

I still had to go to the post office and sign for it, which was really not necessary for this card. When I showed the postal worker my mailing slip, they went to the back for about ten minutes. After giving me a great chance to look at all the different stamps on posters around the room, they came back with this:

Neatly addressed, shipped certified mail, a plain blue greeting card envelope. That’s an expensive way to ship PWE (or PBE, as it were). Still, seemed in good shape, so I smiled it off and was thankful it arrived safely. My smile turned into a chuckle as I opened the envelope.

What in the world?

A trusty canine courier to get my card to me. In a top hat, because why not? L.O.L. Sure enough, stuck to the inside with double sided tape, was good old A-A-Ron himself. GO PACK GO!


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