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Big Trade Mail Day

“Still alive!” -The Croods (Great movie.  Nicholas Cage as a cave man.  Perfect role for him!)

It’s been a little while.  Life gets busy, and there isn’t time for everything sometimes.  While I haven’t been blogging lately, I haven’t been living in a cave, either.  I have certainly still been collecting… and trading!  This is my latest big mail day from my buddy Sport Card Collectors.

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of these. Kinda crazy that this is even something we need in the hobby, but useful to have!
Some PC adds. Old school and new school Hokies, and a couple Peytons.
Of course, adding to my Packers collection is going to be the main gist of any trade with me, especially cards from the years I wasn’t collecting.  Pretty much anything Rodgers or Favre, too.
This is a new one for me.  Never been a huge baseball fan or collector, but what with this guy “making baseball fun again,” I’m getting into it. A little. Just PC’ing Nats, mostly Harper. Which leads me to this last card…
My first Harper (and Trout!) jersey card, which is, well, AWESOME! Also my first Tri City Sports card.  Not as polished as the main-line brands, but I like where they’re going, and this card is a pretty great one to make a first impression!



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COMC Mailday – Part 2

As promised by the “Part 1” in the title of my last entry, here’s the second installment of my latest lot from COMC.  (I’m a big fan of the site, by the way.  Great place to shop for cards!) 

  Once again, some 90’s cards to kick things off.  Rison only spent half a season with the Packers, but he helped them get to (and WIN!) Super Bowl XXXI.  There are not a ton of cards that feature him as a Packer, either.

 Transitioning to cards that look like they are from the 90’s, I grabbed some throwback Packers cards here.  The Favre is a double throwback, even – throwback uniform on a vintage design.  And I’m going to have to take a whole nother post to talk about how much I like that Rodgers card. 😉

   I decided it was time to beef up my Julius Peppers PC with the success he’s had in Green Bay the last few years.  That man is a freakish athletic talent!

 Speaking of Peppers, I had to pick up the Clear Vision dual jersey to help me gloat about how we took him from the Bears.  I’m a huge fan of the laser-cut team name cards like this Alex Green one, too.  Also a couple odds and ends, including an early 90’s Virginia Tech autograph.

  Lastly, a couple of lettermen sets I’m working on.  Picked up O, K, S, and V from this shipment.  (Quick sob story – I had bought the orange “O” on eBay, then the guy was slow to ship, but assured me repeatedly that he would.  Then he deleted his eBay account and I got the shaft from both him and eBay because “it had been too long since the sale date.”  Jerks!)  If anybody has the “I” from the Logan Thomas set, or any of the Luke Stocker letters (“Volunteers”) I’m missing, I’d love to trade for or buy them!

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COMC Mailday – Part 1

I haven’t done many “Mailday” posts on this blog, but they seem to be popular on other sports card blogs.  Besides, there are a few 90’s cards in the Check Out My Cards (COMC) shipment I’m showing off, so here we go!

  I’ve got a few different eras of Tech football represented here, and you can see there’s a 90’s card right there in the middle.  I was really stoked to find out Panini had put Kam Chancellor in their first college Prizm set, too!  Nice to see cards of him NOT in a Seahawks uniform.  Go Hokies!

 Speaking of Hokies, here are a couple of rainbow sets of two more former Tech players.  Lee Suggs (bottom set) was a great college back, and showed a lot of promise for a few years in Cleveland.  Vince Fuller (top) was the first of FOUR brothers to play at Tech and then go on to the NFL.  The other three are Corey Fuller (WR, Lions), Kyle Fuller (CB, Bears), and Kendall Fuller (CB, likely 1st rounder this year).

  Troy Daniels is a three point ace from my alma mater, VCU.  Go Rams!  (They don’t have a football team, and I consider Virginia Tech football to have been my first “wuv, twue wuv”, hence the split allegiance.  I get asked about it… A LOT!)

 Getting back to my favorite college football team and my hometown, here’s an auto of #RVA product Victor “Macho” Harris.  Not just any auto, though – not only is it on-card (the only way to go), but it also has that little serial number in the middle on the left.  That’s right, it’s a one-of-one, and it’s all mine!  Go Hokies!


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Mail Day: More Bryan Still Cards!

I realized as I was opening this package that I have made an egregious oversight on my blog. I’ve never done a mail day post!  This is as good a mail day as any to start with, too – some great cards to add to my Bryan Still master set.

  First off, three new rookies (including a refractor!) and a “pseudo-rookie” insert from the next year.  It may not be an actual rookie, but it’s a gorgeous card!

  Some great base cards, and a Gold Medallion parallel.

  1999 Pacific Omega base and a Premiere Date parallel numbered out of 60.

  Getting into the real fancy stuff, here, with 1997 Ultra base, Gold Medallion, and Platinum Medallion.  I never realized the parallels had a different photo on the front.  Cool!

   Lastly, I picked up two numbered parallels from 1999 Score.  The first is an Anniversary Showcase out of 1989 (for the first year of Score football).  The second card is the real gem of this whole lot, though – an Anniversary Artist Proof numbered 9/10!  This is one of a couple low-numbered parallels that are going to make my first master set a real challenge!

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