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New PC Players for 2017!!!

One of my main PC themes is players from Virginia Tech, and I’m thrilled that there are four 2017 rookies who already have cards! GO HOKIES! Here are two I have in-hand so far:


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Site Review:

I’m always a fan of new things in the hobby, especially new ways of getting great cards into the hands of collectors.  When I came across, I had to give it a try, and it’s been a great experience so far.  (Read through to the bottom for a gallery of my biggest hits from the site!)

PackRip has hobby products for baseball, basketball, football and hockey (with more on the way!) available for collectors to open on demand.  You create a profile and then load funds to your account on the site.  Next, pick a sport and product. There’s everything from single packs to whole boxes, and they’re divvied up differently depending on the product.  Anyhow, pick what you want, the funds are deducted from your account and your cards are revealed – all hits, inserts, numbered, parallels, and big-name rookies from the packs you selected.  (Common base and lesser rookies are donated.) For anything over about $8, there’s a video included of the packs being opened.  At this point you can choose whether you want each card to be added to your next shipment, mark it for sale, or put it up for trade on the site.

A recent trade I made on the site.

The trading platform has been one of my favorite features of PackRip.  Cards that any user on the site has marked as “For Trade” are searchable.  Find something you like better than a hit you pulled and offer the owner a trade for one or more of your cards.  The swap happens right there on the site; if the trade is accepted, the cards go into your account.  There’s no messing with shipping to each other or checking out a trade partner to make sure they’re legit.  It’s as simple and easy as trading sports cards can be!  (In fact, I really wish some of the bigger consignment-style sports card sites would implement this system or something similar.)

When you’re ready to get your cards mailed to you, it’s a flat rate of $6, whether you have one card shipped or 100.  (Clearly shipping is a better deal with a bigger lot.)  I’ve requested three separate shipments from the site over the last few months, and all have arrived safe and sound.  

The overall idea of PackRip does involve a measure of trust at first, which can be scary in a hobby that has seen its share of prolific scammers, but I’m definitely glad I gave it a try! (Pretty well hooked now!) The only other concern I’ve heard is over the base cards and lesser rookies that you don’t receive from your packs, but the shear volume of cards that would result from including those would be overwhelming on a site like this.  I have to say that my overall experience with this site has been awesome! In addition to all the great cards I’ve pulled and traded for (see my top hits below!), I’ve met several other collectors who have become trading buddies.  Also, the guys who run the site have been great to interact with.  They are very open to feedback and suggestions on social media, and they are keen on making the best experience it can be for collectors.  Keep scrolling to check out my best PackRip hits!

This is the biggest hit I haven’t had shipped to me yet.

Matthews auto, Hopkins RPA, Newton patch /10

Traded to get the Jones gold card (#/10!), pulled on-card autos of Sapp and Julio.

Cooper RC /10, Rivers auto /25, and that Mariota patch looks even more stunning in person!

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The Unlikely LCS

Traveling to Ohio for Brett Favre’s NFL Hall of Fame induction this weekend (Go Pack Go!), my wife and I found ourselves in a small Ohio town in Amish Country.  Horse and buggies, Amish beards, bonnets… the whole nine yards.  There were also plenty of places selling all sorts of art-and-craftsy homemade wares.  Being good tourists, we stopped into just such a place, finding painted wall-hangings, handmade clothing, old-fashioned toys and the like.  (We even found crocheted Pikachu and Jigglypuff!)  

The place was huge, with three stories winding through several connected buildings.  We found a few passing sports references, mostly the local teams, and I talked myself out of buying a Packers cornhole set.  I thought we’d seen everything, but there was something urging me to keep looking. A subtle force pulling me further into the labyrinth of quilts and woodcarvings.  Out of the corner of my eye, a quick flash of sports memorabilia through a doorway that lead to a backroom.  Stepping cautiously into this uncharted chamber, I looked to my left and found this:

It was a veritable mini hobby shop! This one display case was packed with unopened wax packs and boxes, hundreds of binder pages of singles, a few dozen bigger name rookies and hits, and more stacked on top.  The small, pink note on the side heralded discounts and great deals on all of it, too!  Recognizing that I was irretrievably drawn in by its siren song, my wife graciously left me to this little slice of collecting serendipity I had stumbled across.  After just a few minutes (OK, an hour), here’s what I decided I couldn’t leave without:

A great mix of older and newer unopened cards, with a stack of singles to round it out.  I love the silver, refractive sheen of those 1996 SPX packs.  More on the specifics of the haul later, but for now I’ll say this was an added bonus to a great trip!

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2013 Panini Playbook (Card Show Box 3!)

My third box from the card show definitely did not disappoint.  I’m going to double-dip here, though, and just link to the post I made about this box over on the SportsNCards blog.  Check it out: Card Show Wax – 2013 Playbook Box.

(Yes, that’s box #3.  I will post about the Panini Hot Rookies box, as well.  Just got all out of order.  Oops!)

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Show Off Post: Card Show Pickups!

My sentimental post about going to this show ran a little long and had only one measly picture, so here’s a show-off post of the spoils of my journey.  (I’ll make sure to point out the 90’s cards to, you know, establish relevance to the blog here.)

The first thing I bought, figuring I would need something to carry my new cards in, was this box.  The 800-count size turned out to be rather awkward and ungainly, but these are always good to have around.  

The first thing to go in the box was a couple cards from a singles bin – some Virginia Tech autos, a Packers jersey card and dual jersey featuring a bright orange Tennessee Volunteers swatch.  

A couple more odds and ends. The generic looking Packers card is an old playing card, don’t know much else about it, just thought it was cool. Great thing about a card show is the little random finds like this!  

Had to buy some unopened stuff, of course. I’d been looking at the Conference Greats box for a while, and couldn’t walk away from a good price on this one!

Already ditched the actual boxes these came in because my brother and I opened them in the car before we ever left the parking lot.  Fun stuff!

A couple more bonus packs here.  I’m a big fan of the Panini promotions.

Finally, some 90’s stuff!  I was a little disappointed not to find more 90’s wax, but the two autos are pretty awesome!  I’m fairly certain they’ll make another appearance on the blog here.  (The packs came with the white card box to make the change easier when I paid for it. Haha.) 

Lastly, some more fun, oddball kind of stuff.  The Star Wars cards are one of my favorite pick ups from the show, as mentioned in my previous post.  The “G Force” flag has some sort of spinner thing on the corner.  Again, goofy, but I enjoy it.  The Super Bowl program is just plain cool!      

I post all this not just to show it off but to really illustrate the point of how much cool stuff there is at a card show.  I was sorely tempted by an Aaron Rodgers auto card I saw, framed and matted with a photo above it, but I had already spent [redacted!]. (Yeah, right, no way I’m putting in writing what I spent.  My wife reads my blog, too! LOL!)  Toying with the idea of bigger purchases is yet another fun aspect of a show, even if you end up leaving those things for someone with a little deeper pockets.  I had a blast at the card show, hanging out with my brother and just enjoying the experience of being around so many other collectors.  If you haven’t been to a show in a while (or have never been), I would strongly recommend making an effort to check one out!


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Show Off Post: 2014 National Treasures Duane Brown Colossal Pro Bowl Logo Patch

This is an unabashed show-off post.  It’s way off topic from my normal 90’s fare, but this card is so transcendently amazing that I had to share it here.  I mean, just look at that Pro Bowl logo patch!  I picked up this card not only because Brown is a Hokie, but also because I actually played against him in high school.  I was definitely on the “physically outmatched” side of that encounter as I lined up at guard to block Brown, who was a defensive linemen at the time.  I got it handed to me in a bad way, but it still makes for a great story to tell!



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Singles Snapshot: 1998 Prestige #15 Gilbert Brown

“Singles Snapshot” is a new segment focused on one single, spectacular 90’s football card at a time. Just a couple pictures and a quick blurb about the card. Without further ado, here’s “Singles Snapshot”:


This card is a perfect portrait of a defensive tackle. Gilbert Brown was a force in the trenches for a great Packers defense, and he looks the part here – dirty and intimidating. I love the contrast between the elegant, foil-etched background and the guy who looks like a hybrid of The Hulk and a Storm Trooper! The vertical fade from gold to green in the foil is well done, too.

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