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1998 Collector’s Edge Masters HoloGold Bryan Still

This is the latest big score in my Bryan Still master set.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find several of the low-numbered parallels, including this one out of only ten!  Turns out this card is almost as rare as a Ryan Leaf touchdown pass, the first of which was caught by the very player on this card! 


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Singles Snapshot: 1998 Press Pass Triple Threat Peyton Manning

So I’m cheating a little bit calling this a “singles” post. As you can see, it’s actually a series of three cards, die cut so they fit together to make an awesome Peyton Manning display. In fact, I find it oddly satisfying to put the three cards together, sort of like finishing a puzzle – a flashy, foil board, Peyton Manning rookie puzzle! (Press Pass had some pretty cool die cut cards in the 1990’s, and it would be awesome to see them go back to that!)

The backs of these cards are fun, too. One compares Peyton to Archie (Eli was in High School still). I love the quote from Peyton on the center card; it goes well with the picture. This guy has been all business when it comes to football since day one of his career, and I have to say it’s worked well for him.



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Singles Snapshot: 1998 UD Choice Bobblehead #M18 Dan Marino

This is another fun aspect of cards that was largely left in the 90’s – cards that were more than cards. There were cards with punch-out POGS in them, sticker cards (though a few of those have been in products since), cards that became stand-up figures, and my favorite: the bobblehead card. Punch out the pieces, fold according to the directions (helpfully printed on the back!), and ta-da! You now have your very own Dan Marino bobblehead. Of course, there’s the conundrum of whether you want to mess up the card to actually assemble it. I didn’t. Won’t grade well that way, you know? (Ha ha!) I do enjoy the trivia question, though.


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