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How to Properly Autograph a Football Card

There are some truly awful “autographs” out there.  Rushed initials, single letters, indecipherable scribbles… these are the bane of the modern auto collector.  Here’s a prime example (on a sticker no less!):Mr. Maddy, I’m sorry – your autograph SUCKS.  (Nothing personal, loved your career at Tech.  Also, don’t squash me like a bug. Please.)  That said, a real autograph should look at least a little more like this:This is truly a Hall of Fame worthy autograph.  This man has some pride in his name.  (Being the league’s all-time career sack leader, he certainly should!)  Full name, mostly distinguishable letters and a distinctive look that clearly defines whose name this is.  I also like how his number is tacked on for good measure.  That is how you properly autograph a football card!  (Note that the autograph is inscribed directly on the surface of the card!)




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