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1995 Score Summit “Series 2”

The box and packs call this “Series 2,” but there was not, in fact, a first series. Maybe Score was planning a prequel? Star Wars here? Anyhow…

The base design has an “action portrait” look – not going for action photography as much, but really highlighting the player on each card. Mostly blank background with a shadow of the player’s profile. My artsy friends back in college called this “excellent use of white space.” It gives this set a crisp, elegant, high-end look. Reminds me of Panini Momentum base from the last couple years. Gold foil team helmets are a nice accent to the front of the cards. The stats on the back are a little goofy, in my opinion.

While the action shots aren’t really emphasized on most of the cards, there are some pretty spectacular ones worked into the set. Then there’s Jerry Rice signing autographs for a few lucky fans.

Subsets have largely become a lost art these days, but Summit has some classic ones. I’m a huge fan of the Collision Course cards featuring the most feared defenders of the day. The Junior Seau card showing him hitting Jerry Rice is just plain cool. Other subsets here are Offensive Weapons and another 90’s staple – checklists. The checklists do feature kind of a fun twist with player photos from the QB Challenge.

The inserts didn’t really thrill me, but might’ve been better if they featured some more notable players. Kerry Collins is pretty solid, at least.

To finish this post with a bang, here are my two favorites from this box: a Dan Marino “Ground Zero” parallel and a Curtis Martin RC.

The Marino is a gorgeous card, and it’s really cool how it has a note in gold foil on the front about him breaking the career passing yards mark. Also, a rookie card of a Hall of Famer like Curtis Martin is always a good pull in my book! Trivia to stump your friends, by the way – Martin is 4th on the all-time career rushing list. Emmitt, Walter, Barry… and Curtis Martin. Ask around, see how many people have no idea!


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