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2014 UD Conference Greats (Card Show Box 1!)

I had several requests to see what I actually pulled from my card show boxes, so here’s the first!  This product features SEC players from their college days and a couple select coaches.  The main reason I picked up this box is that some woman I’m married to is a big Tennessee fan…  (I love you, baby!)  She is particularly fond of some QB who played there, and he was well represented in this box.  More on that in a minute, though.  First, some notable base and parallels (including a few 90’s players!):


There are also short print cards with foil backgrounds. 


As I mentioned, plenty of Vols cards, including the de facto mayor of Knoxville. 

There are three hits per box with at least one auto.  Don’t know much about Stoerner, but the gold auto looks great, even on a sticker.  Lorenzen is a veritable folk hero, too!  (I’ll leave the fat jokes alone, though this was the thickest card in the box.)


Each box also has a jumbo box topper, which is pretty cool, but an awkward size.  Basically a booklet, but one flat piece.  Some are even autographs and count as a bonus hit, like this: 


I didn’t recognize that name at all, until I pulled this card:


Chris Davis, it turns out, was the guy who returned the ill-advised long FG attempt by ‘Bama for the stunning, Saban-humbling, game-stealing TD in the 2013 Iron Bowl.  That really took the jumbo auto to a whole new level – a bonus hit featuring the guy who pulled off a play that was the stuff of college football legend!  This card is also the perfect demonstration of what’s great about this set – celebrating the brief, unforgettable careers of the best to play the college game. 




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Singles Snapshot: 1998 Press Pass Triple Threat Peyton Manning

So I’m cheating a little bit calling this a “singles” post. As you can see, it’s actually a series of three cards, die cut so they fit together to make an awesome Peyton Manning display. In fact, I find it oddly satisfying to put the three cards together, sort of like finishing a puzzle – a flashy, foil board, Peyton Manning rookie puzzle! (Press Pass had some pretty cool die cut cards in the 1990’s, and it would be awesome to see them go back to that!)

The backs of these cards are fun, too. One compares Peyton to Archie (Eli was in High School still). I love the quote from Peyton on the center card; it goes well with the picture. This guy has been all business when it comes to football since day one of his career, and I have to say it’s worked well for him.



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