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2016 Black Gold HOF Symbols Reggie White

Panini Black Gold is one of my favorite current products, and I knew when I saw these cards in the initial teases for this year’s edition that I would have to grab any Packers cards like this. Sure enough, Bart Starr, Brett Favre, and Reggie White are all part of the HOF Symbols set.  White is the only one I’ve tracked down so far, and it’s a beaut!  That gold colored HOF Symbol medallion really shines against the black background of this card.  Great display piece, for sure, and it will look awesome next to Starr and Favre when I pick them up!


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Singles Snapshot: 1997 Playoff Packers Super Bowl XXXI #32 Reggie White

This is unabashedly a consolation post after watching 58 minutes of great Packers playoff football today. It’s a shame the game lasted just a little longer than that. The great thing about having won it all before, though, is looking back after a devastating loss. As such, here is Hall of Fame DE Reggie White, hurdling a Patriots offensive lineman in his tireless pursuit of Drew Bledsoe and of the Lombardi Trophy. (He was successful on both counts, by the way!)


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