Blogs I Follow (& You Should, Too!)

  • Commons 4 Kids
    This is an AWESOME cause – donating cards to kids and charities! If you have cards from any decade you’d consider donating, please check out this site!
  • Sport Card Collectors
    Great sports card blog covering a range of sports.  Also frequently posts about some awesome 1990’s cards!
  • Bean’s Ballcard Blog 
    In their own words, “Just some guys that love cards and sharing thoughts.”
  • Project Pedro PC 
    Home of #CheapWaxWednesday, a great segment featuring old-school box breaks (often from the 90’s!).
  • Sportsncards 
    A new, multi-faceted sports and sports card blog I will be contributing to.
  • The Draw Play
    A web comic “that mocks football, because it loves football.”  Hilarious stuff, check it out!
  • My Cardboard Mistress
    A fellow Hokies fan with a trading card blog.

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