Singles Snapshot: 1991 Stadium Club #94 Brett “Farve” RC

This is one of my favorite football cards, and it was the gem of my collection for a good part of the 90’s. I got mine for $15 at a card shop in the little town of Davis, WV that my family visited frequently on vacations. It was the mascot card of the “B & B Trading Club” that a childhood friend and I jokingly founded. Oh, and it’s also the top rookie card of the best QB ever! (Opinions are my own, naturally.)

Then there’s the spelling error, on both sides. The very meta picture of the card on the back of the card. Even the photo is as classic a Favre pose as you could hope for – scrambling desperately to try and make a ridiculous play. Perfect image of a legendary career before it even began! In as much as I’m gushing a little, more legitimate sources than myself have lauded this card; Beckett Football put it on their list of “The 25 Most Impactful Cards of the Last 25 Years.”




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2 responses to “Singles Snapshot: 1991 Stadium Club #94 Brett “Farve” RC

  1. Sport Card Collectors

    I actually have two of these. I stumbled upon a craft fair, yup a craft fair, a guy had a table set up and two full stadium club 91 sets were there with the Favres. Asked for $12 and they were quickly sold!

  2. Nice! That would’ve been a great for just the two Favre cards, amazing to get the sets at that price!

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