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Chapter 8: The Blog Awakens

Blogging has been slow for me lately, but everything else has been moving at warp speed!  I won’t say I’ve boldly gone where no man has gone before, I’ve just been neglecting my entries in the Captain’s log.  Having found a few moments to meditate on the Force, however, Obi-Wan implored me to go to the WordPress app and continue my blogging.  Realizing the mixed references have probably inspired the First Order to ally with the Klingons by now, I will turn to Capt. James T. Kirk (Cousins) to bail me out with this crisp, gorgeous autograph!  These cards look amazing with so much open space for the signature.  This is one of the only autograph sets I’ve seen that truly focuses on, you know, the autograph, and the results are… out of this world.

Live long and prosper! 



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