Singles Snapshot: 1999 Skybox Metal Universe Precious Metal Gyms #81 Bryan Still

This probably seems like kind of a random card to most people. Sure, it’s a cool 90’s parallel from a great set, but it’s also a player whose biggest claim to fame is the ignominious distinction of catching Ryan Leaf’s first TD pass. (Those were pretty rare, though, I guess!)
IMG_9719Still (pun intended), this card has a lot of awesome going on for me. First off, well… it’s a cool 90’s parallel from a great set. More importantly to me, though, it’s a player from my beloved Virginia Tech Hokies. A player, in fact, who was the hero (and MVP) of what was then the biggest win in school history – the 1996 Sugar Bowl victory over the storied Texas Longhorns! GO HOKIES! (This is why I’m working on a master set of every Bryan Still card made during his career.)
IMG_9720It’s serial numbered 49 out of 50, too, in an era when “out of 50” meant “super-duper rare.” I like how the foil stamp on the back even includes the name of the parallel set.
IMG_9721There’s yet one more bit of intrigue here, though. If you look closely, you’ll see Still is wearing two different shoes, one Nike and one Adidas. Bizarre, right?
IMG_9722The thing is, one of those is not his shoe at all; it actually belongs to the defensive back trying to cover him. The card designer highlighted the wrong leg, but it’s a natural enough position that you’d almost never know the difference. That subtle error gives this card a whole new layer of endearing novelty to me.


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