Singles Snapshot: 1998 Prestige #15 Gilbert Brown

“Singles Snapshot” is a new segment focused on one single, spectacular 90’s football card at a time. Just a couple pictures and a quick blurb about the card. Without further ado, here’s “Singles Snapshot”:


This card is a perfect portrait of a defensive tackle. Gilbert Brown was a force in the trenches for a great Packers defense, and he looks the part here – dirty and intimidating. I love the contrast between the elegant, foil-etched background and the guy who looks like a hybrid of The Hulk and a Storm Trooper! The vertical fade from gold to green in the foil is well done, too.


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  1. Sport Card Collectors

    I was a huge fan of these. I wished Panini would dip back in time and use some of the creativity to use in the Prestige base set like this.

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