Singles Snapshot: 1991 Pro Set Platinum Dan Marino

This is one of the simplest card fronts you will ever see – just an action photo and the brand logo.  No player name, no position, no team.   It’s boldly understated, relying on the photography alone to grab the collector’s attention.  I like it, but for a less notable player it can be a little confusing.  While Number 13 for the Dolphins should be well known to any football collector, my wife (who actually opened this pack) had no clue who Jackie Slater was upon seeing the front of his card.  


The back of the card clues you in to the identity of the player if you don’t recognize him from the front.  It also lets you know why this player is a “Platinum Performer” – an accolade that was no stretch for Dan Marino by 1991! 

CONTEST: The National is in full swing right now (without me :-/ ), so I thought I’d join the fun. The first person to find the card above (1991 Pro Set Platinum Marino) and tweet a pic of it at The National to me (@vcuhokie) will win the hits from my box of 2015 Panini Clear Vision!  The pic must clearly show the card and something in the background proving you are at the National!  Also, I’m afraid I can only ship to U.S. addresses.  Here’s what you’ll win:   

 (Sorry for the bad pic, but that’s Jaelen Strong, Kenny Bell /99, and Derek Carr!)


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One response to “Singles Snapshot: 1991 Pro Set Platinum Dan Marino

  1. Sport Card Collectors

    Cool contest! I couldn’t go.

    I always liked Pro Set. Especially this year with wide open photography

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