2013 Totally Certified: My 1st Case! (Part 1)

This is another one to add to my hobby baby book – my very first time busting an entire case of cards.  It came just a few short decades after my first box of cards, too!  I had been watching this product on clearance from Dave and Adam’s website, thinking about buying a few boxes, when it dawned on me – I should just spring for an entire case!  This was an exhilarating sight for me when it showed up:

Carefully cutting open the “Panini” tape revealed the top two of the stack of twelve whole boxes, each with six packs and a hit per pack.  72 total hits awaited me, and I was eager to see each and every one.  My wife jumped right in to help open them, too! 🙂

Busting a whole case is definitely a rush, but it can get just the tiniest bit monotonous.  If you go a box or two without a big hit, or where the box hit is a redemption, some of the excitement wanes.  I hit this point about halfway through, but then I opened a box (maybe box 8 or 9) that completely blew my mind! More on that one in part 2 of this post, though.  

The basic hit in this set is the vet jersey card.  Including parallels, I picked up two per box.  Here are the base red ones.  A couple pretty big names with Romo and Dalton, and all around solid players. I did get one dupe, though.The parallels were fairly exciting, with two golds and a few blue ones.  Another Romo in the blue.  The golds are nice, especially the Mathews patch.  I’m disappointed that the Kerrigan was a plain white swatch, even if it’s from a jersey number.

There were also rookie jersey cards.  This class has turned out to be pretty weak, but back in 2013, at least the top three would have been pretty decent ones.

The last category of jersey cards are the “Stitches in Time” cards.  These are some of my favorites in Totally Certified. There are single, dual and quad jersey cards of notable players.  The duals and quads usually have some connection between the players – same team, same college, or just same position.  Pulled a couple pretty good ones here, in my opinion. I did pull a quad (relic, not leg injury), but that will be in part 2.

Tune in next time to see the autos and the biggest hits of this case!



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2 responses to “2013 Totally Certified: My 1st Case! (Part 1)

  1. Looks like fun so far, let me know if there were Panini Rewards points in the case and if so if they are for sale. Thanks!

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